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“For Relationships Australia Tas to partner with and support the work of Mitch and Speak up Stay ChatTY was an easy decision. Both our organisations share the values of supporting people and encouraging people to speak up or seek help if they are having a tough time.

Suicide prevention is everybody’s business and we are proud to support this work.”

– Mat Rowell, Relationships Australia CEO

“I place my 100% support behind the Tasmanian youth suicide charity SPEAK UP! StayChatty and their partnership with the Tasmanian branch of “Relationships Australia. I have seen first hand the impact of youth suicide through the sad loss of Ty McPherson the younger brother of my good friend Mitch McPherson. I firmly and honestly believe that StayChatty could really grow, spread and ultimately save the lives of young Tasmanian kids that might be doing it tough.”

– Jack Riewoldt

“I’m so honoured to be an ambassador for “SPEAK UP! Stay Chatty” an organisation that is run by amazing people and spreading the word and awareness of suicide. I am fully supportive of the course and will be helping spreading the word to prevent this alarming issue we face in society today.”

– Jeremy Howe

“Stay Chatty is such a special charity, that grew from such a horrible tragedy. No family should endure the grief brought about by suicide.

I throw my full support behind Mitch and his team, who’s work to empower and educate teenagers around the country is nothing short of amazing.

I feel privileged to be involved in and work, with such a powerful charity”.

– Matt Wade, Australian Cricketer