SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY created the Senior Sports Program to support sporting clubs across Tasmania, delivering mental health literacy training and helping clubs raise awareness around mental health.

Building Mental Muscle

This 60-minute session will explore the influence of mental health in sport. It will equip athletes with the confidence to speak up about their mental health and the different ways to show up and support their teammates.

  • Mental health in sport
  • Showing up
  • Stopping stigma

Stress to Strengths presentation

This 45-minute interactive session expands on how stress occurs in our bodies and the affects it can have on our performance. The session provides strategies for building positive team culture and gives club members tools to manage stress in the sporting arena and everyday life.

  • Mental health + stress
  • Game performance + stress
  • Club culture

Stay ChatTY round

  • Awareness
  • Mental health promotion
  • Fundraise for Stay ChatTY

Play for a shield or wear Stay ChatTY colours, to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health in sport.

Coach Kit *Under construction*

  • Wellness tracking
  • Connection and culture building
  • Supportive conversations

Implement the Coach Kit to boost connection, culture and conversation in your club, in person and online.

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