Sporting clubs have always been a place for people to feel a sense of connection.

Through our evidence informed Stay ChatTY Sports Program we aim to help you learn more about your mental health and wellbeing, where to get support, and how to help a team mate.

Our sports program consists of a series of presentations that are delivered to both senior and junior clubs right across the state of Tasmania. Stay ChatTY can also assist in the organisation of Stay ChatTY focused rounds and various other awareness raising activities.

To find out more about our programs and how you might like to get involved, click on the options below:

Junior Sports Program

Teaches young people how to identify stress and pressure within their body and the ways they can regulate stress through breathing exercises, mindful movement, and grounding activities.

Senior Sports Program

The presentations aim to help participants understand mental health, recognise signs and symptoms, seek help, and help out a team mate. We also support clubs to run mental health sporting rounds.