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About Stay ChatTY

What is Stay ChatTY?

SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY is a registered not for profit charity that works to help prevent suicide by spreading the message that nothing is so bad that you can’t talk about it.

Mitch McPherson established the organisation after his younger brother Ty took his own life in 2013. Mitch shares his personal story of loss, in a bid to encourage others to speak up and seek help when they have issues or go through difficult times.

Since its beginnings in 2013, SPEAK UP! Stay chatTY continues to grow in its reach and participation by spreading the importance of seeking help and helping others when we go through tough times.

What we do

Mitch and his team organise community events and fundraisers, presentations to groups, workplaces, sporting clubs and schools to help promote the SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY message.

SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY deliver key messages on where to find help if it’s needed, listening to those who need it, and how we can all help each other out in tough times. He has presented over 300 times throughout Australia.

The team work hard to spread the message throughout the country that it’s OK to talk about how you really are, and that seeking help for mental health issues needs to be viewed the same as seeking help for physical health issues.

Get involved with Stay ChatTY

Help spread the message of SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY by;

  • Displaying a SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY sticker in a prominent position
  • Inviting Mitch to speak to your group, club, workplace or school