About Stay ChatTY

Who We Are

SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY works to promote positive mental health and prevent suicide by normalising conversations about mental health and encouraging people to seek help when they need it.

Mitch McPherson established the organisation in 2013 after his younger brother Ty died by suicide. Mitch shares his personal story of loss to encourage others to speak up and seek help when they have issues or go through difficult times.

What We Do

Mitch and his team organise community events, fundraisers and presentations to community groups, workplaces, sporting clubs and schools to promote the SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY message.

The team works hard throughout Tasmania and Australia to raise awareness about mental health and suicide, and share that it’s OK to not be OK, where to find help, and how we can help each other out in tough times.

SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY is not a counselling service and we don’t provide mental health advice or treatment. If you feel distressed or need support, click the ‘Need help now’ link at the top of the page, or visit our Get help page for information on in-person, phone and online counselling services in Tasmania and across Australia.

Our Partnership with Relationships Australia Tasmania

Stay ChatTY is proud to formally partner with Relationships Australia Tasmania in the delivery of our SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY programs.

Stay ChatTY has been working with RA Tas since 2014, delivering suicide prevention and mental health promotion programs across Tasmania.
Our partnership with RA Tas is an exciting collaboration and will provide Stay ChatTY with day-to-day operational and governance support, allowing us to engage with more communities and individuals across Tasmania. All donations and funds raised for SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY will continue to be used to deliver mental health promotion and suicide prevention programs to further our collective mission.

Meet the Team