SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY Ball 2025

Mark your calendars for Saturday September 13, 2025 for the next Stay ChatTY Gala Ball!

At Stay ChatTY, we’ve always embraced tough decision-making, especially as we maintain our focus on our core purpose – to break down stigma and normalise mental health conversations.

This year, the Stay ChatTY team in conjunction with the Stay ChatTY Sub-Committee, have made the tough decision to move the Stay ChatTY Gala Ball to a bi-annual event.

Over the last decade, the Stay ChatTY Gala Ball has sold out each and every year… and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support! It’s a wonderful occasion to celebrate the impact made across Tasmania and raise vital funds for our programs, many of which are delivered for free.

But behind the scenes, the Gala Ball demands significant time and effort from our small but dedicated team. While the Ball is an important part of what we do, we also need to channel our time and resources into new mental health initiatives that allow greater numbers to engage with Stay ChatTY. One example of that is Shorts Day (coming up in June), where last year over 18,500 Tasmanians braved the cold and braved mental health conversations.

What we want to do is maximise our impact and make an even BIGGER difference to the community that we’re here to support.

Keep an eye out over the coming months for exciting new initiatives being built in the School and Workplace spaces – we are so excited to share what’s underway!

And for now, please get your shorts ready, host a Shorts Day event in your school, sporting club or workplace … and mark your calendars for Saturday September 13, 2025 for the next Stay ChatTY Gala Ball.

Thank you for your support all these years, and trust you know we are doing this for all the right reasons!

The Stay ChatTY team 💙