Are you looking for ways to strengthen your team culture and connection?

Our evidence informed in-person and online presentations focus on increasing awareness about mental health, suicide prevention and reducing stigma. All sessions are delivered in a conversational style with a strong focus on relatability, using real life examples to ensure your team resonate with our messaging. Stay ChatTY acknowledges that discussing mental health and suicide can be difficult. Stay ChatTY delivers all presentations with sensitivity and in line with existing best practice guidelines for safe language.

Workplace & Community Presentation

We invest a lot of time in our workplaces and community groups. They’re a place we want to feel a sense of inclusion, connection and kindness in. This 60 minute in-person session is sensitively facilitated and includes: mental health 101, signs and symptoms of mental health issues, help seeking avenues and tools and strategies for building residence and supportive conversations.

Digital Series

Gathering our team in the one place is not always easy, yet the importance of prioritising mental health and bringing teams together in creative ways is always important. The Digital Series offers a 4 part online learning platform that can be delivered live or via pre-recorded video modules. The modules take a tool and strategy focus approach, exploring building resilience, supportive conversations and ways to recharge our personal batteries.

Key Messages

Would you like a member of the Stay ChatTY team to visit your next event, conference or team meeting? Our Key Messages Presentation covers 5 ways we can all play a positive role in supporting our own mental health and the mental health of those around us. This short, impactful and versatile presentation is suitable for ages 10+ and caters for small to large audiences.

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5 Ways to Make a Difference

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