Natasha Cloak, Senior Project Officer

It takes a pretty special and selfless human to go out of their way to consider how they can positively impact their community, and then take inspired action!

Stay ChatTY is incredibly fortunate to have many individuals, groups and businesses reach out each year to offer up their time, vision and efforts to create awareness of the importance of prioritising mental health and normalising the struggles we face as humans.

The varied ways people take action is as inspiring as the efforts themselves.

We have seen many people run, bike ride, horse ride and sail extremely long distances. Swing golf clubs, prepare dance routines, execute large scale events, and light up neighbours with festive cheer.

We have seen the Stay ChatTY shorts placed on apparel, scoreboards, locomotives and even a snow vehicle in Antarctica!

It goes to show the opportunities are endless in the ways we can get behind making a difference in support of mental health in our community.

The most surprising part of fundraising is that it’s rarely the event itself that requires the most amount of energy or bravery. It’s the preparation, the courage to put your ideas out there, to ask for support from your own social networks and to believe what you are doing can and will make a difference.

Along the pathway between creation and execution it’s a privilege for the Stay ChatTY team to get to know the humans behind the events. Hear their stories, their passion for what they are doing and their struggles. To work alongside them as they take courageous action and see their event and vision become a reality.

Mostly we value the small moments: seeing someone’s eyes light up as they cross the finish line, or the phone call where people share what it means to them personally, or how their efforts brought their team closer together and strengthened their support network… that’s the true magic!

Thank you to each and every people who has dreamt up an idea and taken action in support of Stay ChatTY. To those who have supported behind the scenes, encourage their mates to make things happen and those who donate to their efforts – we say thank you!

What you do and how you do it enables Stay ChatTY to keep impacting the community in existing and new ways.

Want to get involved? – Find out how here.

Let’s keep making a difference together!