The Stay ChatTY friendship bracelets crafted by Laura at The Jewellery Factory, to raise funds for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

In February, Tash had the pleasure of seeing a special kind of friendship bracelet come to life: a token woven with a twist, symbolising the bonds of friendship and family, and honouring the precious time, energy, and love invested in these cherished relationships.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the talented Laura at The Jewellery Factory for crafting these beautiful bracelets with a purpose, to raise funds for Stay ChatTY. We’re truly touched by the dedication and care poured into handcrafting each and every one of these unique pieces 💙

Now, it’s time to spread the love! Each bracelet not only serves as a stylish accessory but also carries a powerful message, contributing to raising awareness in our community about the importance of speaking up about mental health and seeking support when needed.

By wearing one of these special bracelets, you’re not only showcasing your support for Stay ChatTY but also initiating meaningful conversations and breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health. Together, let’s continue to amplify the message of hope, resilience, and compassion. Wear your bracelet with pride and let it serve as a reminder that you’re never alone on your journey towards mental well-being.