We are SO excited to announce Stay ChatTY’s newest member of the team: Tash ✅🎉🙌🏻

Tash will be working as our Community Engagement Officer, presenting to workplaces and community groups as well as many (many) other roles to help Stay ChatTY continue to run smooth. We look forward to you getting to meet her and joining us in welcoming Tash into the team 🙏🏼

Want to get to know Tash? Read on…

Until arriving into this amazing team, I have spent most of my professional life as a lawyer and in small business management. I gained so many invaluable learnings in both these spaces, however, I also acquired some “armour” in attempting to avoid vulnerability and personal exposure. From the outside, it probably looked like I had it “all sorted”; on the inside, it was often a very different story!

At the end of 2016 I lost my best friend, my Dad to suicide. Amongst the devastation, I recognised wearing “armour” had become my ongoing coping mechanism in protecting myself from emotional exposure. In reality, it was keeping me isolated from connection and support. It became my highest priority to find a different way of thinking … and living! My mission as part of the team is to share my experiences and learnings in challenge as well as lead through connection and kindness – these two simple yet significant tools are game-changers!

I love being a part of making someone smile, helping others to see we are never alone or assisting with the slightest shift in a perspective that opens someone up to feeling like things can get better.