After only a few weeks since sporting competition stopped, I was already seeing clubs finding new ways to connect and challenge each other. I wanted to help.

Over the past few months, I have been developing a resource for coaches and club leaders to add structure to online club-based activities that were already taking place.

By categorising wellness into five pillars: physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual I started to populate activities that clubs can engage in online, typically a private Facebook page or group chat.

With the ongoing assistance of our youth reference group, the activity lists are growing. I hope to provide clubs with a resource that can not only provide ideas of activities that engage members while we can’t be at our clubs but to help them reach out and be able to check in with one another in this challenging time.

A club can adopt just a few ideas all the way through to following a weekly schedule that covers off activities across all five pillars of wellness.

I am very excited to provide clubs with this free resource that will be available soon.

Until then, keep safe. Keep connected. Keep going.