Nothing brings a community together better than a game of basketball, particularly on the North West coast.🏀

Combining a common love for sport and a desire for community connection, the Somerset Basketball Club played the Burnie Basketball Club in a charity game.

Six of the other NWBU teams also played off, all part of the league-wide round. 💙

After a loss in late 2020, these communities teamed up in the name of supporting mental health awareness and raised funds for Stay ChatTY in the process. ❤️

Somerset wore special jerseys to help spread the important message to speak up and hosted the Stay ChatTY Sports Program presentation from Kylea in the days leading up. These playing tops will now forever be a reminder to check in with the ones around you and to seek help if you need it. 🎽

Thanks to everyone who played a role in making this event possible, we are so proud of everyone’s efforts.

#StayChatTY #SportsProgram