We’re thrilled to announce that registrations for Shorts Day 2024 are officially LIVE!

Last week, we had the pleasure of launching this year’s theme: wherever you find yourself on June 21, 2024, we encourage you to LET YOUR SHORTS TALK! 🩳 Let’s celebrate individuality, self-expression, and the power of conversation and visual representation as we come together to support mental health awareness.

We know that talking about mental health can be uncomfortable, which is why on the shortest day of the year, we wear shorts to brave the cold and brave the conversation. ‘Your shorts’ could be our limited-edition Shorts Day shorts, your favourite colourful pair, or any other Shorts Day merch – there are plenty of options to proudly show your support.

But that’s not all—keep an eye out for a special pair of shorts making their way around the state leading up to Shorts Day! While a lot of Shorts Day fundraisers are often concentrated in the South, Shorts Day is dedicated to the entire Tassie community. The shorts will make their way to all corners of the state, as a reminder of the strength and unity we all share.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the incredible individuals and organisations who made our Shorts Day Launch event possible:

🚗 A huge shout out to the RACT team for their unwavering support as the official supporter for Shorts Day, for the second year in a row. Your commitment to mental health advocacy is truly commendable, and we couldn’t aim to grow Shorts Day year on year without you by our side.

🎤 Special thanks to our fantastic speakers: our MC, John X, Hannah from Francesca Jewellery, Oscar, Gus, and Lachlan from the Hutchins School. Your inspiring words and stories undoubtedly resonated with all who attended.

📸 Last but not least, a big thank you to Richard Jupe for capturing the magic of our Shorts Day Launch through your lens. Your talent helps us spread the message of mental health awareness far and wide.

Let’s make Shorts Day 2024 the biggest and most impactful yet! Head over to www.shortsday.com.au to register now and be a part of this incredible movement (it’s free!), and we’ll send a complimentary rego pack your way!

Wherever you are this Shorts Day, we hope you will let your shorts talk alongside us, to bravely champion mental health and break down the barriers of stigma 🌟