Our mascot Shorty, Tash and Relationships Australia Tasmania’s CEO, Dr Michael Kelly, pictured at the BBL cricket game in support of Stay ChatTY.

What an incredible way to kick off the year! The team had a fantastic New Year celebration at Blundstone Arena, attending a thrilling BBL game in support of Stay ChatTY. It has become somewhat of a tradition to mark New Year’s Day with this event, and we’re so grateful for the continuous support from the amazing team at Cricket Tasmania.

The match saw the Hobart Hurricanes take on the Sydney Thunder, and our friends at RedZed added an extra layer of excitement by contributing an impressive $500 to Stay ChatTY for every six hit during the game! The stakes were high, and the atmosphere was electric as we eagerly awaited each shot.

Well – we weren’t ready! Not only did we celebrate a great win for the Hurricanes, but we saw a total of 10 sixes across the evening, which brought RedZed’s generous donation to $5,000.

Beyond the thrilling cricket action, this event provided a wonderful opportunity for us to come together and emphasize the ongoing importance of checking in on a mate. It served as a powerful reminder of the significance of breaking down stigma surrounding mental health and normalizing conversations about well-being.

In the spirit of unity and support, the New Year’s Day game at Blundstone Arena not only showcased incredible cricket talent but also highlighted the collective commitment to fostering a community where mental health is prioritised and openly discussed. Here’s to a year filled with meaningful connections and continued efforts to make a positive impact!