Mitch’s Q&A and Key Messages Session in Schools

 Mitch McPherson founded SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY in 2013 when he lost his younger brother Ty to suicide.

Mitch’s story is impactful and can provide an opportunity for others to learn about mental health via his lived experience.

While Mitch’s full presentation is targeted to people 14 years and older, we do however offer schools sessions targeted towards this age group.

Q & A—Mitch can attend your school assembly for a Q &A event*

5 ways—a short presentation delivered in an assembly setting detailing ways to check in on those around you and tips on taking care of yourself*

Please note these sessions can be tailored to suit your specific needs and are delivered with sensitivity, age appropriate content and in alignment with practice guidelines for safe language.

Expression of Interest

If you would like Mitch to visit your school across Australia, please email us using the form below.