Kindness is contagious!

Studies show that kind people have 23% less cortisol (the stress hormone) and age slower than average people.

Kindness stimulates the production of serotonin (just like medical anti-depressants). This chemical heals wounds, calms you down and makes you happy. Kindness is also contagious—if we can focus people’s attention on being kind, we will see less stress, less bullying and increased self-esteem.

We have put together some ideas for your staff and students to help keep kindness developing right throughout the school year.

The ‘Keep it Kind’ campaign is designed for schools to continue kind acts throughout the year. It can be adopted by a whole school, a grade or a class.



Encourage students to do random acts of kindness and get students to report back.Volunteer in the local community
Encourage and organise a class or school fundraiser for a charity of choiceHand out your kindness card given out at a Stay ChatTY session
Challenge students to send one kind message via socials every dayUse sticky notes to send positive messages to others at school (teachers and support staff included)
Introduce a reward system or board that provide students to recognise and share when random acts of kindness are spotted.Use whiteboard markers (with permission) to write kind messages on the bathroom mirror
Allow students to visit and support younger grades to help them outChoose a charity or fundraiser to support
Host a white elephant gift drive – everyone brings in something they are happy to pass onto someone elseCreate positive bookmarks and pop them in books at your school library (with permission).
Start each school day in a circle with everyone saying something kind to the person next to them – all the way aroundCreate a routine of complementing 2 people a day, for no reason
Complement a co-worker and let them know they are doing a good jobCheck in on someone who is struggling and give them the time and space to chat through how they are feeling
Designate a wall or board to kindness that people can add to throughout the yearSmile at someone new in the hallway
Develop a check-in system for students each day, where they can mark on a board (visually usually works well) how they are feeling that day.Pick up rubbish that you see around the school

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