The annual Nyrstar Golf Day event celebrated its 26th year in 2020, and it showed. The support of Nyrstar’s community was outstanding, from the amount of prizes donated, to the amount of people that return to play each year.

The weather leading up to the day was very wet, however come time for the tee off the weather played its part.

Although there was some serious competition across the day, Mitch and James set the important theme of the day to be one that supports each other and encourages conversation around our mental health.

We are happy to announce that the funds raised from the event totalled $8,855.00 which exceeded their fundraising goal.

Thank you to the Nyrstar team and everyone that donated on the day – what a massive impact your effort and support will have for us in 2020!

Nyrstar, we look forward to working with you across 2020 and beyond.