Alex and Leah have recently come on board as the newest Stay ChatTY team members. Alex as the Project Officer – Sports Program and Leah as Project Support Officer and Program Facilitator. Both come to us with incredible energy and a passion for helping Stay ChatTY continue to grow!

Here is a little about Alex

“Born on the North west coast and now living in Hobart, I have recently joined the Stay ChatTY team after working with a wide range of teams and organisations in the sports industry over the past few years.

I believe strongly in the importance of normalising conversations around mental health, and have seen first-hand how having an honest chat and open ears can help, when you or people you love are going through tough times.

I’m passionate about exercise and sport, particularly in how a shared interest can often bring people together to support one another and foster a meaningful sense of community and belonging.

I’m excited to be delivering our sports programs to clubs all around the state helping players understand mental health, recognise signs and symptoms that someone may be struggling, and how to reach out for help both on a personal and professional level.

To be part of the amazing team at Stay ChatTY is a privilege and I’m looking forward to seeing us grow and continue to promote positive mental health.”

A little about Leah

Working at Stay ChatTY has been a dream of mine for many years. My professional experience has been primarily in the fitness industry, but I’ve always been passionate about people, and have worked in many roles that have given me great opportunities to connect with individuals and the community.

I’ve experienced and seen the impacts that poor mental health, a lack of a support network, and the stigma around talking about experiencing challenges with your mental health has affected people close to me, as well as other individuals I’ve connected with over the years.

Sharing kindness and building connections with others is something I’ve always been a big advocate of. I’ve learnt through many experiences, that often the little things we do and say have the biggest positive impact on someone. You never know what someone might be going through or feeling on any given day, and the power of just being there for someone, listening to them, and being kind is huge. Plus, kindness is free!

I feel privileged to be a part of SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY and the message we are delivering to the community. I look forward to working together with our passionate team, and alongside our inspiring founder, and all-round great bloke, Mitch!