Many amazing people have supported Stay ChatTY over the years. Without this level of support from so many groups and individuals, we would not be able to spread our messages as far and as wide as what we do.

We wanted to focus on one person who not only supports our work in many ways, but he leads by example when it comes to supporting and helping others.

Adrian ‘Mozza’ Morrisby has run and held many fundraisers for Stay ChatTY over the years.

We are forever grateful that Mozza finds a way to bring so many people together, uniting them through raffles, fishing competitions and various other activities.

But what we love most about Mozza is his kind heart, his generosity of his time, and his positive vibes that others lift from.

Mozza isn’t alone when it comes to getting events and fundraisers up and running.

But when you’re as kindpositive and driven to help others like Mozza, it spreads a real sense of unity, and that’s what Stay ChatTY is all about.

Thank you to those like Mozza working tirelessly in our communities for the benefit of others.

You are making a difference, and we thank you for the impact you’re having. 💙

#StayChatTY #Grateful