Mitch, Tash, and Pauline are pictured together with the Francesca team including Founders Hannah and Rachel Vasicek, at the Francesca offices in Hobart.

“Success means nothing unless you give back” Hannah and Rachel Vasicek, Founders of Francesca Jewellery.

The Francesca team has not just preached these words but have channeled their generosity into action, by supporting us, as well as many other charities through their awareness bracelets. We’re thrilled to share that an outstanding $16,920 has been donated to Stay ChatTY, all thanks to the sales of the Francesca x Stay ChatTY awareness bracelet – in the past six months alone!

Crafted with care and adorned with an amazonite charm—the stone of courage—this isn’t just jewellery; it’s a symbol of giving back. With $20 donated from every bracelet sold, it’s heartening to know that many Tasmanians have specifically sought out this bracelet, and witnessing the love and support we’ve received means the world to us.

A special thanks to Hannah, Rachel, and the entire Francesca team for their unwavering support throughout the years. Your dedication to making a difference is truly incredible, and it’s the collective efforts of passionate individuals like you that propel meaningful initiatives forward.

We encourage everyone who has joined the Francesca x Stay ChatTY movement to proudly share your bracelet on social media. Tag Francesca and Stay ChatTY, and let’s continue to #StretchAwareness together. Your posts not only showcase a beautiful piece of jewellery but also contribute to spreading awareness about mental health.

Here’s to making a lasting impact, one bracelet at a time! 💙✨