Thank you to Jenina and the JDW community for supporting Stay ChatTY as part of their annual dance concert. The theme was “What the World Needs Now” and the undercurrent of love and kindness was so well aligned with some of our key messages.

With the efforts of the JDW students and staff alongside 1000+ audience members coming along to support the two concerts, we are very appreciative to receive a donation of $4,000.00. Mitch & Tash were able to get along to both concerts and chat with the audience – the energy was electric, and it was so good to see (and feel) the deep sense of community JDW captures.

We have loved being a part of the journey where mental health is an important topic at the forefront of the JDW community’s minds. Creating a space where people can support each other through challenges is powerful. 💚🖤+❤️💙