Stay ChatTY would like to introduce our newest members, Sophie and Kylea. Sophie and Kylea will be helping facilitate the Sports Program in the North and North West of the state.

“Hi, I’m Sophie and I come to the Stay ChatTY team with a background in education, program coordination and delivery, primarily working with families and young people. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with a passionate, dedicated and dynamic team to spread these important messages and educate people in regional and rural areas about mental health.”

“Hi, I’m Kylea and I have worked for over ten years facilitating programs that build resilience, mental health awareness and self-esteem. During this time, I have encountered hundreds of people with stories of struggle, isolation and triumph. Mental health is for everyone, and the more we understand our bodies, our experiences and our brains, the healthier we will be. Being strong mentally requires a community and I love that SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY is providing the opportunity for communities to form and develop language and understanding around mental health and how we can be proactive rather than reactive.”

Stay ChatTY is growing and you are invited along for the ride. You too can help; by displaying a sticker, smiling at someone to brighten their day or help us spread our key messages. Sometimes the simplest things can make a huge difference.