Collins SBA recently invited Mitch into their Hobart office to share his story with their staff.

It was a small, intimate session that was really well received from the team

“The conversation around the importance of mental health and wellbeing and looking out for each other has continued around the office and in our homes. Thank you to Mitch for the opportunity to learn more about SPEAK UP Stay ChatTY! It was an emotional time, and as a mother with a young son, it was specifically hard to hear about your mum’s experience.

Many of us chose to debrief, together and the most importantly – to have a conversation about real and important things. Thank you from all of us at Collins SBA and we can’t wait to continue to support your work – we know there a few more bumper stickers on the road today!”

As we edge closer to kicking off 10 years of Stay ChatTY, more than ever we are keen to continue sharing our story, messages, and passion with all of us here in Tasmania and abroad.

Thank you, Collins SBA, and in particular Kristy (pictured), it was a pleasure working with you all.