Mitch shared a special R U OK? Day this year – Pictured with late R U OK? Day Founder’s Wife, Maryanne Larkin.

This year’s theme for National R U OK? Day! was “I’m here to hear” to let the people you care about, know that you’re here, to really hear them.

By taking the time for an R U OK? conversation and genuinely listening with an open mind, we can help our friends, family members and colleagues feel supported and connected.

Each year to kick off R U OK? Day, family and friends of the late Gavin Larkin (R U OK? Founder), hold an intimate breakfast with the R U OK? Team in Sydney.

As an ambassador, Mitch was honoured to be able to join in this special tradition, and to say a few words.

Gavin sadly passed away to cancer in 2011, but the legacy and movement he created, and what his family continue to drive today, is incredible. Gavin’s wife Maryanne, pictured here, is a true example of strength, kindness, and adversity. Despite loss and challenges of her own, Maryanne continues to work each day to bring people together with her strength and passion for the organisation.

While R U OK? Day is one day each year, we can make each day one where you seek an opportunity to kick start a mental health conversation, either for supporting yourself or for those around you!