Some of the NRET team together after completing the incredible effort of the Point to Pinnacle/ Point to Pub.

On a cloud covered misty morning last month, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania team came together as a collective for the first time as a team to do an incredible job of completing the iconic event, the Point to Pinnacle / Point to Pub!

Nineteen members from the Department took part in the Pinnacle half marathon and 10km Pub walk or run.

The event is well known for being challenging, as well as its incredible capacity for generosity in fundraising for charities as part of their efforts. We were fortunate to be chosen by the NRE Tasmania team, and together they raised over $6,500.00!!

These funds will go directly towards our Sports Program (as we continue to look for an ongoing funder).

The Department staff also hosted Mitch in November, to sites in Hobart and Launceston.

With a real passion for more mental health awareness, education and literacy to be shared among staff, the organisation felt Mitch’s story was a good step in the right direction.

Mitch thoroughly enjoyed his time meeting everyone from NRET, and we hope to work with you all again the future!

Thanks so much to Alison and the team for your support and engagement, it means so much to us!