With a full schedule of presentations and travel state-wide in the coming months I was excited for the weeks ahead. One of my favourite parts of my role is getting to meet new people and share the Stay ChatTY story and key messages. As it became clear, travel and presentations would need to be placed on hold, for now, my mind quickly recognised it was time to ‘pivot and innovate’.

As we face collective challenge and change prioritising our mental health is so important. Creating connection through different means was my first goal to ensure Stay ChatTY could continue to share our key messages with workplaces and community groups across Tasmania.

The development of live online content, as well as recorded modules, is almost ready to be launched after a few solid weeks of focus, as well as failings, that ultimately helped me to learn and evolve the content I was creating. Not unlike many of us, I have struggled to find a new routine working from home, tackled feelings of loneliness and at times felt totally exhausted. I am grateful I had a big goal to focus on when my mind and body felt like all they wanted to do was melt into the couch.

The digital content is focused on the importance of recognising the emotions and feelings we are all working through, speaking up when we need to chat and an overall focus on strategies to support ourselves and those around us as we continue to face the COVID-19 situation.

I got into the ‘studio’ with Creative Grit in late March to record the content. A new experience for me to be in front of the camera for so long – needless to say I had a BIG sleep that night! Thanks to the team at Creative Grit for helping turn an idea into a reality (and so quickly)!

In early May the Digital Workplace & Community Content will be released. This will offer live and recorded online content over four sessions. The aim of the sessions is skill-focused as well as keeping each session to 15 minutes for accessibility and flexibility for all kinds of organisations, teams and groups.

Whether it be through a PC, laptop or smartphone I am excited to connect with everyone in the coming weeks – it may not be the same as in-person BUT with a little bit of extra effort, this is a great way to stay connected and support yourself and those around you during this time.

If you’d like to chat about accessing our live or recorded Stay ChatTY Workplace and Community Digital Content please email natashac@reltas.com.au to work out the best fit for you!