Kylea Aldred from the Stay ChatTY’s Schools Program is pictured at Rosny College celebrating Harmony Week with the school’s community.

In March, we had the absolute pleasure of joining the vibrant community at Rosny College for a special session in honour of Harmony Week!

Kylea and Callan set up a special pop-up stall during recess, providing students with an opportunity to engage in discussions surrounding positive relationships and the importance of cultivating a sense of belonging for everyone. From heartfelt conversations to interactive activities, the atmosphere was buzzing with enthusiasm and camaraderie – perhaps encouraged by a chocolate treat or two!

We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to school health nurses Katherine and Kylie for organising this visit. Their dedication to supporting student well-being and promoting mental health awareness is truly commendable, and we’re grateful for their invaluable partnership with our Schools Program over the years 🙌

At Stay ChatTY, we believe in the power of community, compassion, and connection. Events like Harmony Week serve as powerful reminders of the strength that lies in diversity and the importance of coming together to celebrate our differences. Let’s continue to champion inclusivity, respect, and mental well-being in schools and beyond…

We might have mentioned this already, but Kylea and Callan’s presentations are getting booked rapidly throughout 2024. If you’re thinking of booking a session, don’t miss out – head to our Schools Program webpage to view our presentation portfolio and submit an EOI.