James Joins the Stay ChatTY Team!

This month we are excited to introduce our newest team member, James Rice. James will be leading the Stay ChatTY Sports Program, and will be delivering mental health awareness workshops to sporting clubs across Tasmania. James joins us with a background in exercise physiology, and he also works as a strength and conditioning coach at [...]

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Stay ChatTY Sports Program

This month we launched our new SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY Sports Program, in collaboration with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Good Sports Program to deliver mental health literacy training to clubs across Tasmania. The Stay ChatTY Sports Program facilitates an evidence-based mental health awareness workshop to club players, coaches and managers. The workshop aims to help participants [...]

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Shoreline Plaza – Charity of Choice

For 2018, the Shoreline Plaza have selected us as their charity of choice. Our logo is on entrance doors and we have collection containers in most stores. This is just another way for everyone to be reminded that it is okay to talk. Communities keep supporting us so we can continue to spread a message [...]

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St Virgil’s College – Allport Funding

We teamed up with headspace in Schools TAS to present to the parent community of St Virgil’s College. We had over 50 parents attend to hear a lived experience with suicide and how to support young people with their mental health. Parents are in a vital position to be aware of any changes in a [...]

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Neighbour Day 2018

Neighbour Day is recognised on March 25th each year. At Stay ChatTY we are always encouraging you to check in with those around you, including your neighbours. Strong community connections ensure better relationships with the people who live around us. The theme for Neighbour Day this year is the importance of a supportive neighbourhood for children [...]

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Launceston Church Grammar School walk 80km to Raise Awareness

Every year the Year 12 cohort at Launceston Church Grammar School walk for 24 hours straight on an 80km journey to raise awareness and funds for their chosen charity. This year the students have chosen us as their charity of choice, and aim to raise a massive $30,000 during this event and other initiatives throughout [...]

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48 Hour Treadmill Challenge

This month, Ben Hirst completed a gruelling 48 hour run on a treadmill, raising over $8,500 for our charity. He was surrounded by family, friends and people who just simply admired his achievement. Ben first made contact with Stay ChatTY a few years ago, sharing his own past mental health demons and expressing his passion for [...]

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Run for Crumpy, a Huge Success!

At the end of 2017, two friends took on the almighty challenge of running from Burnie to Kingston Beach to highlight mental health issues in the paramedic industry. This month, Karen Hart and Karen Whelan handed Stay ChatTY an impressive $10,300 cheque raised during their incredible effort. With this money, we will aim to spread [...]

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All the Best to Amanda!

Since we partnered with Relationships Australia there have been many positives. One of them has been having Business Development and Research Consultant Amanda French join us as Stay ChatTY team leader. Her work the past three years with us has been enormous, and we owe a lot of our successes to her. This month she left us [...]

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Our Future Looks Bright

With an election coming up, we are excited to announce that both the Liberal and Labour Governments have made a promise for our funding to be secured regardless of the result. Under a re-elected Liberal Government, we will receive one million dollars over four years to continue our Schools Program. Under a Labour Government, we [...]

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3rd Annual Huon Channel Cricket Association Stay ChatTY Round

This month the Huon Channel Cricket Association (HCCA) held their 3rd annual Stay ChatTY round. All 12 teams donned specially made hats, and fundraised for Stay ChatTY. Well done to Kettering who took out the shield against Margate. Thank you HCCA for the ongoing support and congratulations on another successful round.

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Tasmanian Police Cycle for Charity

The Tasmanian Police Charity Bike Ride has raised total of $423,000 for Tasmanian charities in the 11 years the event has been held.  This month, they presented cheques totalling $44,000 to both Stay ChatTY and Variety, the Children’s Charity Tasmania following completion of the 2017 annual charity bike ride. The annual bike ride was held [...]

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Here to Be – Yoga Classes

Thank you to everyone who attended our first “Here to Be” meditation and yoga session last Saturday. Exercise, meditation and taking time for you is such an important element of self care, so we are proud to be hosting events in this space. Thanks to lululemon Hobart, Amy Mclean, Freedom Fitness, Nathan Free and of course the music man Sam Forsyth Stay [...]

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Fairbrother Presentations

This week we checked in to Fairbrother sites across the state. Spreading messages of hope around mental health and suicide prevention. This photo shows two things we got out of the session... 1. You can set up an audience anywhere. 2. No one sits in the front row unless they have to 😳 We are looking [...]

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Our School Program

Our newest team members Mia and Julia have hit the ground running at #StayChatTY. Currently they are facilitating sessions with the year 9 and 10 Montrose Bay High students. Grade 9 and 10 students at Woodbridge High School will also be participating in the program before the end of the school year. Don’t forget that we [...]

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Banjos Conference Dinner

This month Mitch McPherson went along and spoke at the annual Banjo's Bakery Cafe conference dinner. Banjos is a proud partner of Stay ChatTY, and have contributed over $90,000 over the past 3 years via the now very successful Banjo’s Coffee Month. We look forward to the future, as we continue to spread positive mental health messages across the [...]

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Nyrstar are Stars

As part of a 6 week Environment and Safety Incentive Scheme, partnered contracting firms of Nyrstar made a donation for every environment and safety incident free day they had on site during a recent turnaround project. At the end of the project Nyrstar matched the contributions made. Today we went along for a presentation, and [...]

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R U OK Day

SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY is proud to be supporting the R U OK National Conversation Convoy. Our Founder Mitch joined the crew in Adelaide to assist running events, and to help spread this important message across the country. Over the week they drove down form Adelaide into Melbourne, and then finished on Parliament Lawns for [...]

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Suicide Prevention Conference

Last month at the Suicide Prevention Australia dinner in Brisbane we won the LIFE award for Community Engagement. It is incredible to win a National award, and to be recognized in front of so many amazing people who work in suicide prevention was very special. We couldn't do this important work without the amazing support [...]

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SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY Gala Ball

Thank you so much to all 578 people who sold out Wrest Point Hobart and helped us spread our vital message that nothing is so bad that you can’t talk about it. To NAB, our platinum sponsor yet again who worked tirelessly to create such a perfect evening. to the committee Amanda French Brooke Batchelor [...]

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State League SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY Footy Round

All 8 clubs who played last week created specially designed SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY guernseys to help raise awareness across the State. Once again it was a great success with a great game between Lauderdale and Clarence playing for the SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY Cup with winners being Clarence. Our partnership with AFL Tasmania continues to grow, [...]

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#Tour De Tig A Great Success

On March 21st we woke and begun running from Burnie to Hobart for Tour de Tig 2. The reason these seven men run 360 kilometres over four days is simple, we wanted to break down the stigma that surrounds mental health. All 7 of us have been touched by suicide. We know the devastation it brings, and we know [...]

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Uni Revue

We are so pumped to have partnered up with this year’s Uni Revue for their 70th year. Book tickets http://www.theatreroyal.com.au/ and catch shows at the @theatreroyalhobart (May 12-27) and @princesstheatre (May 31 -June 3) We are the charity of choice this year, so please support on the night where you can. We will be collecting any donations at the conclusion of each [...]

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“96th Street” supporting Stay ChatTY!!!!

“96th Street”​ is a brand new watch range that has just launched online. Hobart lad Dylan Fyfe​ has started this fresh new collection, and has decided to support Stay ChatTY along the way. Purchasing the "Lincoln" watch, sees $15 from each sale come to us. So head to www.96thstreet.com.au to support this awesome local business by grabbing [...]

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Big Opportunity…

“96th Street”​ is a brand new watch range that has just launched online. Hobart lad Dylan Fyfe​ has started this fresh new collection, and has decided to support Stay ChatTY along the way. Purchasing the "Lincoln" watch, sees $15 from each sale come to us. So head to www.96thstreet.com.au to support this awesome local business by grabbing [...]

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Stay ChatTY Cup!

July 16 saw the blockbuster between Clarence Football Club​ and Lauderdale Football Club, which was the annual SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY Cup. Both clubs were wearing these specially designed BLK jumpers for the match (pic below). Not only was the Stay ChatTY Cup between the two clubs an amazing day for raising awareness to suicide, [...]

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Welcome St. Lukes to Team ChatTY…

Late last year we officially partnered with our new friends at St.Lukes Health.​ As we grow and look to spread our message across the country, support is essential. So with St.Lukes Health coming on board we will be assisted greatly in building the charity further We look forward to working together and helping raise awareness [...]

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Launch of our #TeamChatTY Schools Program

In September, the Premier of Tasmania Will Hodgman (alongside some of his Parliamentary Colleagues) joined us at Mackillop College in Hobart, for the official launch our new schools program "#TeamChatTY.” The Premier gave a short address at the event, backing the program with his full support. He was full of praise to the team at [...]

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