We love visiting Build Up Tassie each year as part of all their course inductions.

Tash will head out to the Bridgewater Trade Training Centre 5 times throughout the year to share in conversation with the students in each of the courses for 2023.

For the first visit for this year they even had a special guest of the four legged variety to keep everyone entertained

Thanks to Mel and the team for embedding Stay ChatTY sessions into the course, we love that mental health is such a priority!

Seven years of sharing our story with Fairbrother

For the 7th consecutive year Mitch headed up to Campbell Town to share his story as part of Fairbrother Construction’s First Year Apprentice Induction Day.

A day Mitch looks forward to each year, as he shares his learnings, his sadness, but most of all his hope for the future. All in a bid to help all the Fairbrother apprentices prioritise mental health as part of their personal and working lives.

Fairbrother are a leader when it comes to the prioritisation of well-being of their team, so it is always a pleasure to work with Founder Royce, CEO Kurt, and the rest of the amazing team!