Kylea Aldred, Project Officer, Schools & Sports Program

Even at local level sport we understand the value in training sessions. We show up, we sweat, we learn, we grow, and we take that growth into game day.

We know that if we don’t train, we won’t perform to the best of our ability when the match starts.

Training teaches us how to move together as a team, how to listen to each other, push our bodies to the limit and perfect the routines of the game. If we train during the week, it is easier for our bodies to automatically perform those tasks in a high-paced game environment.

It’s the same with our brains.

High Performance Psychologist Michael Gervais says, “You can train your body, you can train your craft, and you can train your mind. The best athletes in the world aren’t going to just leave one of these up to chance.”

Most clubs understand the value in doing those first two things – training our bodies and training our craft, now we want that to take that understanding of training and apply it to our mental health.

By tapping into all three areas – body, craft and mind – we can train ourselves to create a strength that transfers into all areas of life.

Since 2019 The SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY Mental Health in Sport Program has been visiting clubs and teams, chatting about the importance of prioritising our mental health and sharing tips for keeping mentally fit.

In 2022 the Stay ChatTY Sports Program will be expanding and adding another level to our brain train… So stay tuned for the announcement!!

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