Every now and again we receive some great feedback from people we cross paths with from around the state.

This month we want to share some recent feedback from a presentation Mitch delivered into a workplace. Stories that make us focus on our own lives and the people we care about will always have a big impact. Thank you to everyone for supporting Stay ChatTY, and allowing us to continue spreading awareness.

“Hi Mitch, thank you so much for coming along last night and telling your story to my team. I know you’ve told it many times, and sometimes you might think gosh I don’t know if this is hitting home with anyone, but as you said, if its just one person that you make a difference to, it was worth it. In saying that, last night, when you left, 14 people couldn’t speak. What a powerful, raw, honest talk you held. When you spoke about your mum, I just wanted to find her and give her a hug. What sadness you and your family have gone through, but how proud you should feel that you have found the strength to reach out to people now and help in even the smallest way. I know the impact you left on the team. They will help to spread the word, they will stop and ask their colleagues if they’re okay, they will listen and they will be kind, as they will never forget your story. Thank you seems so small for what you gave us last night. Continue doing what you are doing as you are helping so many.”